Home Maintenance Kitchen handyman, Canberra ACT - flat pack installation specialist for kitchens and laundries.

Last updated 27 february, 2017

Kitchen Handyman Canberra ACT - specialising in flat pack kitchen installations.

My name is Randall Thijssens - Kitchen Handyman
eMail: thijssens2615@bigpond.com

I have 25+ years experience as a cabinet maker and kitchen installer, being foreman of a well known Canberra kitchen design and manufacturing firm.

For the past five years I have privately assisted a number of clients with the installation of DIY flat pack kitchen cabinetry obtained locally or interstate and I have specialised in supporting them to ensure a perfect fit.

Randall Thijssens at work

As a part-time kitchen handyman on-demand I install your kitchen on Saturdays and the occasional Sunday, and can work in with your requirements for adequate security, privacy and safety needs.

I supply all tools required and have access to very modern equipment - if required.

I have much experience installing cabinetry from IKEA, Bunnings, Masters, Cabinets on-Demand and Cabinets-onLine and OzFlatPacks, in some cases supplying/adapting Fillers to ensure a complete fit.
In regards to bench tops, please ensure that - if you decide to have a laminated, timber or bamboo bench top and your kitchen layout is a ‘L’ or a ‘U’ shape - you will need to order a CUSTOM made bench top through your flat pack kitchen supplier. This will come with masons-mitres so the bench tops can be joined together. (do not just purchase length of blank bench tops).

I prefer to work on a agreed understanding - so if you can provide me with a drawing or even a detailed sketch than I can work out a quotation for installation assistance prior to you making any commitment.
To enable the provision of an exact quotation – please supply answers to the following question:

1 Will you be responsible for the removal and disposal of the existing Kitchen?
2 Will you be assembling the flat pack cabinets?
3 When you select a new Bench Top, will it be a Laminate, Engineered or Natural Stone?
4 Are you having a slide-out Range Hood that is mounted into the cabinets, or will this be a wall mounted canopy?


Kitchenman-Installation 3 Kitchenman-Installation 1 Kitchenman-Installation
Kitchenman-Installation 2 Kitchenman-Installation 4  

I only provide assistance in the installation of new flat pack cabinetry.

Randall the Kitchen man
62586046 (between 5.00pm - 9.00pm)
eMail: thijssens2615@bigpond.com

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